About us

“What A Bout!” is an online Roller Derby Magazine based in Poland, focused on Central and Eastern Europe with mission to develop roller derby and roller skating in the region.

“What A Bout!” is for all of you: skaters, players, officials, volunteers, photographers, sponsors, merchants, and fans. For everyone who loves this sport and contributes to its development every day. We would like to join you in this! We want to be here for you and help you raise awareness about roller derby.

We hope you to find interesting content, no matter whether you are a skilled skater or a rookie, or you just heard something about derby and want to learn more.

Our main mission will be to stick to the first rule of Roller Derby “Always talk about Roller Derby”.

We hope you will find “What A Bout” attractive. Please share your thoughts with us. We will be waiting for your comments and suggestions which will help us to improve and develop.

Editorial Team:

Tom Malko
Tom Malko – chief editor & art director

Sports photographer who specializes in rollerderby and obstacle courses, father of three children, husband of one wife, vegetarian living also with  dog and cat.  Tom discovered Roller Derby only three years ago and felt in love with this sport, he  abandoned shooting models in  favor of skaters.




Rita Skater
Rita Skater – deputy Editor-in-chief

Started derby in 2015 with Warsaw Hellcats Roller Girls. Intimidated by the roller derby options, she undertook all roles: player, NSO, SO, LUM, announcer, volunteer, raffle prizes maker, unicorn and flamingo muffin baker. Now she thinks she knows enough to share things with others. Her other love are cats and coffee. And chocolate.




Clochardine – writer & SoMe expert

Roller skater since 2014, focused mostly on an aggressive skating. Ex-member of both Warsaw derby teams (but I still love you, guys! #nohardfeelings) Owner of two barking sausages. Food&sleep lover. Just a potato.






Marko Niemelä
Marko Niemelä – writer & photographer

Roller derby photographer since 2010. Seen the evolution of derby during all these years through the after parties, games, tournaments, skaters, volunteers and the amazing people involved in it. Even if the engine has got a lot of derby mileage, still gets energized by this amazing sports. Home team since beginning has been Helsinki Roller Derby, but been insanely lucky to be a team photographer for other great teams too. Other interests – books, music, food, all things about space and Lego’s



Liz Frizzle
Liz Frizzle – writer & proofreader

First met Rita Skater and agreed to be an announcer… without fully understanding the sport. Never looked back and is now a freshie skater with the Warsaw Hellcats Roller Girls as well as an NSO for the Warsaw Hellbadgers Official Squad. A teacher by profession, Liz is a huge nerd who loves learning everything about derby and hopes her experiences will make it easier for others.




Claire Sample
Claire Sample – writer

Started skating with Dundee Roller Derby in 2012. Jammer (Goldginger #77) with their travel team Silvery Tayzers from 2013. Skating for Team Scotland for the RDWC 2018 (Semple #64). Team therapist in Power of Scotland Men’s Roller Derby on three consecutive MRD World Cups. College lecturer teaching health, fitness and nutrition as well as physiology. Sport therapist in her own clinic, Semple Sport Therapies. Busy but happy to have jobs where she can combine things she loves, sport, fitness and science.


Sam Skipsey
Sam Skipsey – writer

Roller Derby photographer, videographer, fan, writer and statistician since 2010; Sam discovered Roller Derby just in time for the build up to the first Roller Derby World Cup, and stayed around long enough to help plan and organise the third one so far. Editor of the Scottish Roller Derby Blog, dedicated to promoting all parts of the sport, from Patagonia through to the Pohjola. Very reliant on Google Translate!


Moan Alisa
Moan Alisa – writer

British / Ukrainian but after living in many countries like the UK, the US, Mexico and South Korea she settled in Prague. She thinks the reason why she is in Prague longer than anywhere else is because she joined Hard Breaking Dolls. This is not just a roller derby team, but also a sisterhood that she loves with all her heart! Usually very active in the punk rock n’roll scene, Alisa wrote articles for a number of music zines in the past, but as RD is slowly taking over her life, she thought she’d give it a go with WAB. Also a big fan of horror cinema, music, and ramp skating. She’s vegan and has 2 beautiful cats.


Med-Life Crisis
Med-Life Crisis – writer

Medicine student trying to combine her studies and passion for roller derby and skating in general. Former couch potato, started skating almost two years ago and felt in love with this amazing sport. Currently skating with and managing Gdańsk Chrome Sirens Roller Derby League. Hobbies include discovering new places, watching movies, dogspotting and sleeping.



Hulk – writer

Co-captain of White Night Furies, Saint-Petersburg; league manager and coach. Founder of Team Russia. Love roller derby (of course), strong women, chilling and travelling with her team. Hulk wants to bring roller derby to her whole country and make more safe spaces for women here.




Mia f'Lawless
Mia f’Lawless – writer


Founder and team captain of Krakow’s Smokin’ Wheels. Along with roller derby, I’m taking my first steps at the skatepark.  Fun fact about me: I play the violin and my next challenge is to learn how to play the violin and roller skate at the same time (I saw one chick on youtube doing so).




Paulina Holtz
Paulina Holtz – writer

Actress and athlete. She performs on the stage of theaters and in a popular tv series. Activity is her middle name. Paulina has been involved in sports since childhood. She runs marathons, trains yoga, she is a kettlebels trainer, and a few years ago a part of her heart was also stolen by roller skates.




psycho candy
Psycho Candy – writer

Started skating with Riga Roller Derby in 2015. Discovered roller derby thanks to an interview with oneof the contestants of the Latvian national Eurovision contest who was also skating with the team at the time. Recently has fallen in love with ramp skating and occasionally also DJs on roller skates.



axis of stevil
Axis of Stevil – writer

He is a referee (Skating Official – SO) and a fan of all things related to derby patches. He is the former lead writer for Roller Derby Rule of the Day and is the author of The Zen of Reffing Roller Derby training program. When not involved in roller derby he stays busy raising his nine year-old son.



cosmic payback
Cosmic Payback – writer

On roller skates for 5 years continuously. Manager of Chicks In Bowls Poland, nowadays living in Prague. Organiser of ramp meetups in Poland and Czech Republic, Roller Disco events in Prague, co-organiser of Wintour Bootcamp with Lady Trample and Scald Eagle in Warsaw, the content author on ilovewrotki.pl. The most important to her is sincere passion, good skate crew around and cat at home