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Fitness and Derby Part 2 / Fitness i Derby Część 2

by Claire Semple photos: private archives and canva database The last article looked at the basics of fitness for derby; endurance, stamina and cardiovascular fitness, the golden trio required for derby of all levels and looking in some detail on how to train, build on them and develop in any direction you wish depending upon… Continue reading Fitness and Derby Part 2 / Fitness i Derby Część 2

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What a Bout! Issue #4 Spring 2019

Inside in addition to the regular columns that you enjoy, from Rita, Claire, Marko and Ola, we have several surprises. We write about ramps, patches, we have news from Berlin, Prague, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań and Tartu, and this time the amazing Michael Bodinovsky from Russia shares his derby art with you.

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Beginning your derby fitness journey / Początek przygody z fitnessem w roller derby

Currently, the derby does not go far enough to just master the ride on roller skates. Strength and fitness are also important. Read the article and find out where to start. / Obecnie w derby nie wystarczy już tylko dobrze opanować jazdę na wrotkach. Liczy się także wytrzymałość i kondycja. Przeczytajcie artykuł i dowiedzcie się od czego zacząć.