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Freshmeat Scrimmage in Prague / Scrimmage freszy w Pradze

by Moan Alisa photos Jan Hutter This event was hosted by my team Hard Breaking Dolls and our biggest aim for the event was to give the first scrimmage to our own Freshmeat from last year.  Of course, the participants weren't just from HBD, but there was also skaters from our sister teams Prague City… Continue reading Freshmeat Scrimmage in Prague / Scrimmage freszy w Pradze

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What a Bout! Issue #4 Spring 2019

Inside in addition to the regular columns that you enjoy, from Rita, Claire, Marko and Ola, we have several surprises. We write about ramps, patches, we have news from Berlin, Prague, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań and Tartu, and this time the amazing Michael Bodinovsky from Russia shares his derby art with you.

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Freshmeat mixed Scrimmage in Prague / Praski Scrim Freszek

A reportage by one of the participants of the Prague mixed freshmeat scrimmage. More photos by Jan Hutter in issue 2 WAB / Reportaż jednej z uczestniczek scrimmagu freszek w Pradze. Więcej zdjęć Jana Huttera w numerze 2 WAB.