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Three is a magic number / Trzy to magiczna liczba

text and photos Tom Malko We live in a world of three dimensions, although quantum physics suggests that time may be the fourth one. When it comes to me, my fourth dimension has a serious defect, because I am constantly lacking it ... So let's stick to the version that there are only three. There… Continue reading Three is a magic number / Trzy to magiczna liczba

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Don’t lose your head, we’re here to help – all you need to know about helmets / Nie trać głowy, przybywamy z pomocą – czyli wszystko co musisz wiedzieć o kaskach

Your head is the most important thing in the whole world, or at least it should be for you. It’s carrying around your most valuable possession - your brain. How you should choose a helmet and how to take proper care of it, we’re also coming to the rescue. / Twoja głowa jest najważniejszą rzeczą na świecie, a przynajmniej powinna nią być dla ciebie. To ona nosi w sobie twój najcenniejszy skarb - mózg. Jak wybrać właściwy kask i jak o niego zadbać, przychodzimy na ratunek.

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What a Bout! Issue #4 Spring 2019

Inside in addition to the regular columns that you enjoy, from Rita, Claire, Marko and Ola, we have several surprises. We write about ramps, patches, we have news from Berlin, Prague, Gdańsk, Warsaw, Poznań and Tartu, and this time the amazing Michael Bodinovsky from Russia shares his derby art with you.

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Slavic / Baltic Sevens Tournament / Słowiański / Bałtycki Turniej Siódemek

by Tom Malko photos Tom Malko / Paulina Bartosińska / @taimons The Slavic / Baltic Sevens Tournament was the largest roller derby event organized so far in both Poland as well as this part of Europe. This event was a direct continuation of two events organized by Warsaw Hellcats Roller Girls in 2017: the Warsaw… Continue reading Slavic / Baltic Sevens Tournament / Słowiański / Bałtycki Turniej Siódemek

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Occasional events: Secret Santa & Santa vs Grinch / Wydarzenia sezonowe: Mikołajki & Santa vs Grinch

Christmas on skates - occasional events / Święta na wrotkach - wydarzenia sezonowe